Mountain Meadworks
Contact: Shannon Dalberg
City: Earltown, ,
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About Us
Mountain Meadworks dwells within the breathtaking mountainscapes of Northern Nova Scotia. Each batch of my sparkling mead is crafted with care and intention using raw honey and ingredients sourced or foraged close to my home. My potions are crisp, refreshing and gluten free.
I create mead using honey, water and yeast. All of my honey comes from Tatamagouche and I source my other ingredients from as close as possible to my business/home in Earltown. The sweetness level and alcohol % varies based upon the variety of mead.

Flavours (based upon season, availability & experimentation) may include:
Valley Buzz (apple mead / cyser)
Bee Sting (ginger mead)
Bog Witch (cranberry mead)
Sapsucker (maple mead)
Sunny (lemongrass mead)
Arboreal (spruce mead)
Rosemary Ellen (rosemary mead)
Hopstar (hopped mead)