Snowy River Farms
Contact: Amy & David Hill
City: Cooks Brook, NS, B0N 2H0
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About Us
Snowy River Farms is committed to providing consumers with pasture-raised, products created in a humane and ecologically friendly manner. We strive to use what nature has given us to fuel our bodies, minds, and souls. Our livestock are pasture and woods raised, fed fruits and veggies and their feed is certified non-GMO so you can be comfortable knowing that we feed them only what nature provides. All together this means that our meat is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than that of conventionally raised animals and you can be confident knowing that the meat you are purchasing was raised in such a way that gives them the freedom to express natural behaviours, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, as well as daily back scratches! Our produce and herbs are grown naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or biosolids and focus greatly on companion planting methods.