Saving Earth Art Space
Contact: Penny Lighthall
Address: 1094 Prince Street Truro, NS, B2N1J1
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Phone: 902-814-5867
About Us
Penny Lighthall refers to herself as a Used Fabric Alchemist.. She loves playing with fabrics and incorporating them into things that she makes. She is interested in "old time crafts" that she learned from her grandmother and takes great pride in using those skills to create beautiful and fun objects. Her interests include Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, Harry Potter, and Canadian poetry. These topics can often be seen in her work. She is also an Ocean Keeper and Defender, and a portion of every item sold is donated to the Campobello Whale Rescue Team located on the Bay of Fundy in NS. To see items that may not yet be listed here, you can go to her facebook page to see whatelse she offers:
Saving Earth Art Space owned by Penny LIghthall, Used Fabric Alchemist, uses only reclaimed textiles, buttons, and yarns to produce its products. The textiles come from thrift stores; clothing exchanges; clothing give aways; people downsizing or decluttering; yardsales; friends and neighbours. The aim is to help divert some of Canada's more than 6 million ANNUAL tons of clothing and other textiles from the landfills. Some products, such as funky buttons and tree ornaments are created using non-recyclable plastics such as pop bottle caps, and diabetic blood sugar testing supplies. A portion of each sale is donated to the Campobello Whale Rescue Team on Brier Island, Nova Scotia. *****NOTE: All items will be packaged re-using boxes, paper, bags etc to reduce items going to the landfill.