Red Mountain Farm
Contact: Heather,Terry Prescott
Address: East Montrose Rd RR 1 Bass River, NS, B0M 1B0
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Phone: 902-899-2816
About Us
In 1990, we purchased a small property in East Montrose on the outskirts of Bass River, NS. At that time, it was a small beef farm in need of upgrading. I had grown up on a beef farm in New Brunswick and was an active member of the local 4-H club. Terry had no previous farming background but had a keen interest in this way of life.
We started the farm from scratch, having to tear down/remodel the buildings, purchase livestock (beef) and machinery, put up miles of new fencing to contain the livestock and bring the land back into production.
When we purchased the farm, there were 10 acres of Lowbush blueberries in production. Not being familiar with this crop we hired someone to manage the fields and the crops were sold to a processor. At that time the price for field berries was low and barely covered the cost of production. We decided to look into other ways to market the crop.
In 1993, we rented a local blueberry fresh packing line for a few hours every Friday to clean and pack berries into five pound boxes. These berries were subsequently sold at the Farmer’s Market in Truro the following morning. We processed approximately 400 lbs each week for the duration of the season. The demand for blueberries has increased over the years and in 2003, we constructed our own blueberry fresh packing line.

We currently run our blueberry line six days a week, in season, two shifts/day supplying the fresh and frozen market. The season normally runs for 4-5 weeks. Our emphasis is on producing a top quality, dry box of berries that is ready to use or freeze. Our dry packing system allows the berries to maintain their colour and flavour. We provide frozen blueberries to various grocery stores, farm markets, restaurants and bakeries throughout the year, when the fresh is not available. We have also added blueberry juice and preserves to our product line.
To compliment the blueberries, we have added other crops to our production system to enable us to sell at farmer’s markets for most of the year around market season. We presently grow some strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, pumpkins, sweet corn, rhubarb and an assortment of vegetables.
We have added small numbers of hogs to our livestock, as well as a layer flock.

We will continue to produce a top quality box of blueberries. As opportunities arise, we will be looking to develop new sales. Acreage of strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, and winter storage crops will also be increased to meet the demand.

Our farm is a family run business with our three children. Although they do not directly work on the farm, they help out when they can. All have been involved in the local 4-H program.
The farm is an intertwined part of our lives. Along side of the sweat and hard work are breathtaking scenery, fresh air and a sense of accomplishment. We are happy to have shared this way of life with our children.
Heather Prescott, co-owner RMF