Balancing Burnout
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Willow has a Social Work background working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for 18 years. After going through a period of burnout, she turned to different avenues that helped her get back her happy balance in life. Yoga, meditation, reiki, and veganism are some of the things that helped her find her balance again.

She believes that anyone feeling lost and ungrounded can reach a better place by finding themselves within. Willow is a clairvoyant empath who believes in the power of balance. She believes that we have the tools needed to live the life we choose; we need to learn to use them.
Chakras are the life force energy centres in our body. Heal them, and you can heal yourself!

You may find a reading beneficial if you're feeling off-balance in life, you are having trouble defining who you are as a person and knowing things need to change, but you have no idea where to start.

Can chakra readings replace therapy?

Nope. Not!

While chakra readings can help reveal blind spots and aspects of your life you didn't realize were affecting you, they cannot replace working with a trained therapist.

If you are currently in therapy, I strongly recommend that you continue and let your therapist know that you're also pursuing chakra readings. I only suggest this because these readings may bring up emotions and experiences you may want to discuss with a trained professional.

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