Connie's Bakery
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About Us
Connie's Bakery is specialized in German breads and famous for German soft pretzels.
We bake with all kinds of traditional German flours and organic ancient grains like spelt, dark rye and kamut/khorasan. We also offer different kinds of sourdough breads and German soft buns. Connie has travelled a lot in Europe and makes an Italian style foccacio. All Connie's bakery breads are without dairy except the famous protein bread. None of our breads have white sugar. Our beer/ sprouted barley bread has molasses (natural sugar) and the protein bread has honey. Our power bars have no sugar and no flour just 70 % dark chocolate and lots of nuts, oats and seeds. Connie's bakery is proud to provide you with all kind of different breads and other baked goodies.