Aroma Maya Coffee
Contact: Sergio Garrido
City: North River, NS, B6L 6X9
Email Address:
Phone: 902-385-3016
About Us
We believe coffee roasting is an art. Every recipe is tested until perfected. Our slow roasting process creates a cup of coffee that's smooth, sweet and full bodied.
Our exclusively Guatemalan coffees are ethically sourced and organically grown. We roast them in small batches, which you have probably heard of before. But let us explain what this does... Roasting in small batches allows coffee beans to roast evenly to achieve a uniform roasting taste after the process is done. We also use a slow roasting process, which allows the coffee beans natural sugars to caramelize instead of burning them. It's called coffee cherry before it's prepared for roasting.

​The bags we use to package our coffees are designed to meet the high demands of coffee. Let's be honest... it's very easy to tell good coffee from bad coffee. It is also easy to tell when coffee is not fresh, and packaging plays a big role. Coffee can be very sensitive to UV rays, oxygen and that is exactly why our bags are built with high barrier material that protects coffee from UV rays. We also package our coffee right after it's been roasted, which allows the beans to de-gas in the bag through the de-gassing valve, leaving little to no oxygen inside to spoil its freshness. We have recently transitioned into using eco-friendly, high-barrier bags.