Suprima Farms Ltd.
Contact: Richard Hennigar
Address: 1388 Middle Dyke RR5 Canning , NS, BOP 1HO
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Phone: 902-582-3044
About Us
The short summary of our juice is fresh, pure, tasty, local, pressed fresh every week or fresh frozen for the summer months. We harvest at full maturity so the apples can finish ripening in storage and press locally at Foote Family Farm in Woodville.
Each variety has its virtues. The Redfree is very low acid for O blood types who have higher stomach acidity. Prima hangs on to its tartness even when it is fully ripe and sets up a thirst-quenching pink lemonade experience of tart and sweet. Novamac tends to grow small to medium and provides snack-size minis, the healthiest apples with the highest nutrient levels with a high skin to flesh ratio. Novaspy is the ultimate multi-purpose apple as it also meets the culinary gold standard of Northern Spy prized by the pie industry and is available year-round.
Our mission is to “Locally grow apples in an ecologically sustainable manner without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives, processed as naturally as possible to optimize safety, nutritional value and flavour."
Serendipity played a role in coming up with flattening the mature vegetation to manage the orchard's ground cover. This allowed Richard Hennigar to develop a production regime that requires only human energy to produce the crop. Heavy pruning required in some other blocks at times utilizes a thirty-seven-year-old 1840 John Deere tractor and heavy-duty mower to mulch the brush and leave it in the orchard, part of a strategy that mimics a forest ecosystem as deadwood and mature vegetation add 2% biomass each year to replace nutrients removed by the crop. The ant hills that flourish without mowing are recycling sulphur back to the surface from its widespread use as a pre chemical fungicide and high sulphur levels encourage nitrogen-fixing which also feeds the trees.