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About Us
As avid home gardeners, we wanted to grow as natural as possible. We looked into living soil and fell in love. Living soil is soil that is alive with fungi, bacteria, and microbes that break down the inputs we add and make it readily available to use by the plant.

The following components make up our living soil

Our base is Canadian Sphagnum Peatmoss, which holds water very well.

Compost was the next, we chose a blueberry compost obtained from a company in sackville.

Perlite was added to our mix to allow for more aeration and drainage.

Worm Castings are dear to us because they are produced in-house by Stellar Soils. We started with only 60 red wriggler worms, now we have thousands producing castings that are full of nutrients and beneficial microbes that help plant growth and fight off pests and diseases.

Feather meal was added to provide a nice slow release high nitrogen nutrient.

Crab meal (sourced in NB) was added next for nitrogen, phosphorus and a great calcium source.

Kelp meal (sourced off the coast of NS) brings many minerals and vitamins to the table (The smell reminds me of the ocean).

Alfalfa Meal has a good nitrogen and potassium ratio that aids in plant development. Triacontanol a natural occurring growth hormone that stimulates healthy root and stem development is found in Alfalfa meal.

Bone meal and fishbone meal are both great high phosphorus slow release additions and also good calcium sources.

Langbeinite is a mined rock that is super high in potassium, magnesium and sulphur.

With Peatmoss being our base, it has no minerals, this is where granite rock dust comes in(sourced in bridgewater). Granite Rock Dust adds trace minerals and micronutrients that are released over time.

Gypsum (sourced in Musquodoboit) adds calcium and sulphur.

Dolomite lime (sourced in Musquodoboit) also bring calcium and magnesium, and raises the ph which is low because of the Peatmoss.

Last year, after a lot of research and sourcing for local ingredients, we gathered all our components as listed above and started our journey. We began to mix in small batches at specific ratios and added lots of water(microbiology like moist environments). We mixed and put the small batches into one big pile and every week we turned it over to add oxygen for 30 days with my father’s tractor. Through out that time the microbiology were breaking down the ingredients making them accessible to a plant.

We thought about the times that my garden and other grows needed a boost and I did not want to add more soil and our Stellar Super packs were born. Most of the ingredients are the same as in Stellar Soil but without the Peatmoss, compost, perlite and worm castings. Having just the Meals and rock dusts in a bag allows someone to have their own soil and just add nutrients without the other bulk ingredients.

If you use Stellar Soil one year, the next year you can just top dress it with one of the Super Packs to bring the nutrient levels back up and grow reusing the same soil.